"While there are leaves in the forest and foam on the river
McGregor, despite them all, will flourish forever."
Sir Walter Scott

Long live the McGregors' of which I am a part!
updated 05/15/2008

So you'd like to know about me
(a little southern rebel)

I'm a Pagan.
I like anything to do with computers, nature or animals.

I like to take walks in the mountains, go to the beach, especially at night. The moon shining on the water is awesome. I live in Kentucky. I was living in Arizona, but left the desert to go back to my beloved mountains. While there is beauty here in the desert, I still miss the mountains, as well as the ocean. I lived on Cape Cod for almost 10 years. I was born and raised in WV, so I suppose it's no secret why I miss the mountains so much. Even tho the mountains I'm now surrounded by is in Kentucky. I like a variety of things, such as painting, writing, programming, listening to music. I am of Scott/Irish/Native American descent. Perhaps this explains why I have Sight so strongly.

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