Living With ADHD

updated 05/15/2008
I've decided to just totally re-write this page. I have no intention of putting other people's take on ADHD here, this time, it's all me. How I cope with it and what it's like for me to live with it. My daughters have it to a certain extent, as do some of my grandchildren, although one of my grandsons has Aspergers' Syndrome. His mother tells me that many people who actually have Aspergers' are diagnosed with ADHD. My dad has ADHD, he also has headaches all the time. My mom says it's a lot of put on, but if that were true, I probably wouldn't have it or the headaches either. There are very few days that I don't have headaches, and sometimes it's really bad, what I call a "headache from hell". Later, after the headache recedes back to "normal" for me, I find there was an earthquake somewhere. I find that ADHD makes life interesting. I get bored easily, have difficulty focusing on a particular subject it is really interesting for me. I don't fit in with society most of the time, my social skills are not really that great. I feel alienated from society most of the time. I don't do very well with crowds, and yet if it's somewhere I feel comfortable, I can be the "life of the party." I find myself way too sensitive at times, and yet with a weird sense of humor at other times. Such as laughing at inappropriate moments, because what I'm thinking about has nothing to do with the situation at hand. Try explaining that to your guy while making love. It's not that I find sex boring, far from it...but it is the way my mind works. I once solved an engineering problem while making love, of course that didn't go over to well with my partner. LOL... I like to be both physically and mentally active, and I often have many projects going at once. I like to read while watching a movie. I also talk during movies or other shows, which rather ticks some people off. But the way I look at it is this, the Creators created people before people created machines. What people have to say is more important than some show on TV, and for those who think otherwise...maybe you need a life??? If you don't care about the way a person thinks, or what they have to say, how can you possibly know them? In my opinion you can't. I also have trouble understanding the English language. It's almost as if there's a universal translator in my brain, so that by the time I ask you what you just said, I hear it again in my mind. I suppose it's just common sense, but what do you mean when you say it? There are many meanings to most things. For instance, "Do you want more?" Ok, straightforward enough...if you're not me. But do you mean, do I want more right now? or do I want more later? I don't always understand exactly what you mean when you say something. And yet, at least one person has said to me "We shouldn't even be having this discussion." I say, in regards to that, if I don't understand, then you need to explain it to me instead of getting pissed off about it. So, yeah, we should be having this discussion. I talk to the various Gods and Goddesses, and they take the time to answer me, so why shouldn't people? Now, granted, they may only exist in my mind, the conversations...not the Gods and Goddesses, but still, they do take the time to make sure I understand. So why can't you who don't understand me, and others like me, take the time to help me understand? I think it a common courtesy. I suppose that's why I prefer to talk to machines, nature, and I even know more people in books than in real life. While I'm reading they are real to me. I always identify with one or more characters in books and movies. I have a very vivid imagination. I suppose it's because they don't talk down to me, and they don't come across as if they think I'm stupid or dumb. I'm neither, I'm actually very intelligent, with a genius are most people with ADHD.
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