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Sometimes I run into problems that really annoy me, and even tho I know how to repair computers, I still need people to turn to for answers. Windows? Linux? Dos? Which one should it be? Windows is nice, and gets the job done. But I find that I'm usually having to tweak it to get it to behave the way I want. I have Windows 98se on my machine, I prefer that to Windows XP.
Linux is cool! You can work in a windows environment or you can work from a command line interface. I have Slackware as the other OS on my dual boot machine. I used to run Red Hat. There are similaries to Linux flavors, but each is still individualistic enough to intrigue me. I like Linux because it gives me more control over my computer, and since it comes with the source code, you can actually do a lot more with it than with Windows.
Dos can be Free Dos, Ms-Dos, DrDos, or any other Dos. There are even internet utilities available for Dos. I have always enjoyed working from the command line, since it gave me more control over everything. And yes there are those who believe that Dos is dead. You can find Dos flavors online that come with source code for those interested in working with it and making it more like they want, including multi-tasking Dos. Now how cool is that? Therefore Dos isn't dead.
Below is a list of links that are useful for getting help with computer problems. I have used each of these webpages to learn what I needed at the time, most of them more than once. So follow the links if you wish, drop me a line if you like...or not, as you choose. Has your PC gotten so slow it's pathetic? Now your shiny new toy is running slower than molasses? You may have spyware, malware or other programs installed on your PC, things you didn't put there. In that case, you should run

  • Spybot Search and Destroy.
  • Another good one is AdAware SE.
  • home
  • Axcel's Speeed Webpage
  • Matt's Script Archive (a great source for scripts!!!)
  • opensuse
  • the Slackware Linux Project
  • Red Hat Linux
  • Interesting DOS Programs (Yes, DOS still lives)
  • Free Dos Project (for those of you tired of MS-Dos)
  • allfreetech forum free to join
  • info for intel
  • updated 05/15/2008