disclaimer: everything on these pages are my personal views.
for entertainment purposes only.
yes, I believe what I have written,
but my 'job' is to believe and learn, not to convert others.

updated 05/15/2008
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"Work like you don't need the money, Dance like no one is watching, Love like you'll never get hurt."
"While there are leaves in the forest and foam on the river
McGregor, despite them all, will flourish forever."
Sir Walter Scott

Long live the McGregors of which I am a part!

What is magickreallyabout?

These are my personal beliefs. I think we should respect all peoples' belief systems even if we disagree with them. We all have to live with the consequences of our actions.

updated 02/02/2008 Why do I practice magick? What does it mean to practice magick? What does it mean to be a witch? What does it mean to be a pagan? Here I will give the reasons I practice magick. There may be many reasons for practicing magick, but these are my personal reasons for doing so.

I've always used these abilities since I was very young, even before I started school. Like the time I felt as if I needed to eat certain flowers. I knew which ones to eat, and which ones to stay away from. Did you know the center of a daisy is made up of hundreds of little yellow florets? I thought it was just one single part of the flower, until the day I ate a daisy. Gods! It was so awesome! I still stand in awe at the awesomeness of creation. Just like a child, and I've felt that way for what seems like forever.

I used to lie on the grass and stare at the sky, and wonder about things. Most times I fell asleep, and woke up hours later. It was refreshing to sleep so close to Mother Earth. I suspect it is one of the reasons I love being around nature. The things in nature speak to me the way no person ever can. Gods, I miss lying on the ground looking up at the sky or lying on my stomach and just watching everything around me, while I commune with nature. I spent a great deal of time in the mountains when I was growing up. I miss that. I even managed, to a certain extent, to do that after I got married. It was hard, but once in awhile I did manage. I believe the Universe arranges for us to get what we need when we decide that we want it bad enough. Or maybe just need it. We do create our own 'brand' of reality, but at the same time, the Universe does co-create with us. We send out, and she sends it back to us...the thing we ask for. In other words, be careful what you wish for. This genii we have inside us, just may give us more than we bargained for. We all, including me, need to be more specific about the things we desire. As an example, I said to the Universe that when I have kids, I want to have only girls. I suppose you are curious as to why it makes a difference. Because I always thought raising girls would be easier. I grew up with brothers, so I knew how that was, already. And that is exactly what I got. I did have one miscarriage, which would've been a boy. At the time I didn't know that, but what I did know was that I didn't need another child at that time, and said so; later that evening, I had the miscarriage. No, I didn't take anything or do anything stupid, I just let my feelings be known to the Universe, who honored my erstwhile statement. Yeah, I know that many will think that's horrible. But think on this, which is worse? To have a child that you can't take care of, or to tell the Universe the truth and say that you don't need another child right now? We don't have to accept what we don't want or need. We do have to accept the lessons we came here to learn. But you have to believe that in order to put it to use. What use is knowledge if you don't use it? It's not enough, for instance, to ask for a car. We need to be specific as to what kind, model, year, color, and what accessories are included. This is also true of the person we want in our lives. This also covers where we want to live, what kind of environment we want to live in, what kind of career or job we want, and everything else in our lives.

. Speaking of which, we should also take it down to the lowest common denominator. Why do we want what we're asking for? Once you get down to the answer to the last 'why', then you should know what you really want.

I enjoy helping others, including family. But I'd much rather concentrate on the spiritual and nature side of things, because this is where I'm called to work on things. I'm happy with the status quo most of the time, so why work at something that doesn't concern me? What concerns me is learning what the Universe and Nature are telling me. The pay off is much more important than money to me personally. I feel honored by the relationship I have with the Universe. The reason I feel this way is because I keep hearing that I'm wrong, and the way I see it, if I was wrong, the Creator would let me know...in no uncertain terms. I've been there, done that. So I know, when I'm wrong, the Creator makes sure I know. And makes sure I understand why as well. Gee, if people would be so considerate! I have a very personal relationship with the Universe and with the Creator. I don't always listen to either of them or even to myself. But most of the time I do listen. They are very important to me, and they are Life to me. Without either of them ,Life would have no meaning. Without the magick I practice, Life would have no meaning. The Creator is made of energy and consciousness; so is magick, the Universe, nature, and us. And yet, I'm not any more special than any other.

Everything is sacred to me. I don't have to consecrate things because they are already sacred. How can I make something more sacred than it already is? When you are in alignment with nature, the Universe and Divine Will (the Creator), everything is sacred.

I practice magick because it is natural, it has always been in my life, and it improves the quality of my life. I am given many gifts from the universe, and I appreciate them all. I have used magick since even before I knew I was practicing magick. It was natural for me to think and have things happen. I was manipulating energy, or magick. It was natural to ask the rain to fall, or even to cease if needed. It was natural to call up a thunderstorm to amuse myself and my daughters, it was another way of sharing the awesomeness of creation with them. It was natural to talk with others that no one else could see. It was natural to talk to the trees, plants, flowers, and animals. It still is natural to me. Much more so than talking to people. I'm a loner, but I'm certainly not anti-social. Although I do like the company of others at times, I prefer the company of nature, and animals.

I know things before they happen, and I feel things, both from people and the earth or nature. I may not always know what's going to happen, but I do know when some things are. And while I don't like the chaos, I do like being in tune with nature and the Universe. The chaos I speak of is when things are so far out of balance that nature must experience an upheaval. We, as humans, don't listen to ourselves, or to the earth. We are not in balance like our predecessors. There are cultures who do try to live in balance and harmony with nature, who respect the Creator and Mother Earth. To them, I give my fullest blessings. I just wish the rest of humanity would learn from them and even emulate them. Instead, humans are so intent on war, destruction and control, that they can't see what's in front of them.

Apparently they can't even see what's behind them either. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes. But sometimes we don't, and when that happens, we are doomed to keep repeating it until we do. We reap what we sow. So anytime you think you know everything, or all there is worth knowing, think again. But even if you do know everything, what good does it do you if you don't use that knowledge?

Here are the definitions from the web, for magick, and pagan: the art of focusing your will and emotions to effect change in the world around you and the world within you. It is important to remember that magick is neutral, it is neither good or bad... only our intentions are good or bad. Magick will only take the path of least resistance. <

The word magic ultimately derives from Magus (Old Persian magu), one of the Zoroastrian astrologer priests of the Medes . During the Hellenist period, Greek (magos) could be used as an adjective, but an adjective a (magikos, Latin magicus) is also attested from the 1st century (Plutarchus ), typically appearing in the feminine, in a t (magike techne, Latin ars magica) "magical art." The word entered the English language in the late 14th century from Old French magique.

Likewise, sorcery was taken in ca. 1300 from Old French sorcerie, which is from Vulgar Latin *sortiarius, from sors "fate", apparently meaning "one who influences fate." Sorceress appears also in the late 14th century , while sorcerer is attested only from 1526 .