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yes, I believe what I have written.
my 'job' is to believe and learn, not to convert others.

Our Perception of Reality

updated 05/15/2008

It's all smoke and mirrors. Why? Think about it. Where does smoke come from? Fires. We are tried in the fires of life. Mirrors give reflections. They reflect what we perceive as reality. life's lessons are often hard, and yet sometimes they can be as tender as a mother's hand. Our perception of reality is in part based on the lessons we go thru and learn. Look behind the smoke at the fire, what is the object lesson? Look in the mirror of life, what do we perceive? Is it only our face we see? If so, which one? The one we have in this incarnation? Or do we see the sum total of all our incarnations? If you don't believe in reincarnation, that is your privilege. I do believe in it, and I believe that we are incarnated at different times to learn different lessons. Eventually, we learn that we are totally responsible for our perception of reality. We are also responsible for creating our reality. In kindergarten, we learn about primary colors and shapes, then we move on to higher grades, and learn the alphabet, math, reading, etc. The word 'sunnengarten', translates from German to English as "sunning garden", and that is what this earth is, in a sense. So we are Children of the Sun, when we are first incarnated. Then as we grow, we become more a child of the universe. Eventually we become adults of the universe, and we graduate to another level of existence. We are then grown up enough to create worlds of our own. We are co-creators with the universe. You don't teach a child how to light a candle without also teaching him responsibility and safety. As such, the universe doesn't give us god-hood and let us create other worlds without first learning how we do these things. We can become co-creators when we have learned how to so order our own perception of reality as to be able to both create and take full responsibility for that which we create. People of all ages play the blame game. A child bumps into a table, the parent says "Bad ole table!" We are taught that there is a God who will take responsibility for our lives if we will just worship him. But in so doing, we are giving away our personal power, and even our birthright. This is a Christian view that I grew up with. It is important to have a personal relationship with the Creator, but we are here to learn. To learn how to think and how we create our own reality. We are born with this power; it is the power of thought and reason. Therefore I believe we are to use it. So why would we possibly want to give it away? Because so many people are misinformed. We are often taught there is a church, that Jesus Christ came and died for our sins, in order to forgive us, and that we must obey this God...but he has absolute power over us and our decisions. While Jesus died for our sins, even he didn't say for us to play the blame game. He, in fact, tried to teach us how we were creating our reality. In my life, this has always been the case. Even when I was living as a Christian, and not a very good one, I might add. I was terribly intolerant of the rights of others, to have their own belief systems. This was very wrong. All religions should teach tolerance. We all came from the same source. We each have our own path to walk. We as individuals and as a whole, do not have the right to tell another how they should live. It is morally wrong. I do not believe in the Christian heaven, nor in the Christian hell. I do believe in evil, but I think that too is also a matter of perception. I'm not advocating evil, but I think we need to look at what evil is. It is 'the dark side'. We must have balance if we as a people are to survive. Light is the flip side of the dark. What people choose to do in the dark, can also be done in the light. It is the individual's choice. Lucifer's name means light bringer, just as also does Jesus' name. The difference is that while Jesus the Christ brings true light, lucifer brings false light. We are in a fight to survive. We are not only fighting the darkness of evil, but also the darkness of ignorance and superstition. I can say this without a doubt, because I've seen it, and in the bible, the Jewish God says "my people perish for lack of knowledge". We are letting ourselves and others perish for lack of knowledge. When are we going to wake up and see the truth? We are in control of our lives, unless we give that control to someone else. The church, and sometimes others, are so intent on hiding the truth from us. We would be in much better shape if we all knew the truth, and yet my truth isn't necessarily yours. Because perceptions are different for different people. Our very lives are at stake here. How many people have died without knowing the truth? These people wasted precious time having to go thru another incarnation to learn what they could have already learned long ago. Perhaps they are supposed to live like this. After all, one doesn't know the truth until one learns it firsthand. How much longer will we live for a system that demands we give him our total control. Until we learn the truth. That is when we will stand up for ourselves and say "The lies stop here. Now I want to know the truth." Know the truth and the truth will truly set you free. The song, "Me and Bobby Mcgee" has a line that says 'freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose". How true! When we know the truth, we have freedom, and therefore we have nothing left to lose. Because it's all illusion anyway. The smoke and mirrors will fade away to leave only the sunwashed truth. When we know the truth, then we can create the reality we want. There may be gods and goddesses parttaking of our reality if we invite them, but they won't ever push themselves in and demand from us the one thing we all have the priviledge of being born with, and that is the power to co-create our own reality. Rather than what someone else says it must be. Let us see the god or goddess within ourselves and within others, even tho we can plainly see the imperfections we all exhibit. We can all treat ourselves and others better if we do this. That doesn't mean that we always do what we should. In fact, because of being human and dealing with humanities quirks and characteristics, we are apt to not do any better, until we learn that what makes them act that way is the same thing that makes us act the way we are. Human nature. We can all be better people. We need to start with ourselves. And stop being so hard on ourselves because we forget that we are entitled to make mistakes as well as the next person. That is why we are here, to learn how to be perfect. We are gods and goddesses in the making. I personally think all gods and goddesses have had to go thru this physical plane of existence; why/how else would they be so understanding of us and our sometimes petty ways? They have always been here for me, even when I was living a 'Christian' life. They have never let me down. Perhaps it's because I expect them to always be there for me, as I try to always be there for them. This would definitely make sense, if we create our own reality. I know there are people who may think this line of reasoning is just plain crazy. Or at least off the wall. Just remember one thing, our perceptions may be different. We all learn different things, at different times. Your experiences are different than mine, just as mine are different from yours. This is so, because we are all individuals, and I believe the universe likes diversity. Why should the universe be bored just because some want everything to be the same? Sorry folks, it doesn't work that way. For me. But then I create my reality, and I'll let you create yours. We can agree to disagree, even if we don't agree on what I have written. I sincerely hope this message helps all who read it. Blessings, love and laughter
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