updated 05/15/2008
Hi! Do you ever wish you could come up with a few romantic ideas?   A bottle of wine, candlelight, sitting in front of a fireplace. A little music in the background, nice... You know ladies, some of these ideas can be used for the man in your life. Go have fun and spice up, or sweeten your life. We can never have too much romance in our lives. And any day can be as sweet.
It seems as if everyone is always in a hurry these days. Whatever happened to picnics, long walks, watching a sunset or sunrise? Whatever happened to giving your Lady a bouquet of flowers? Or sending flowers just because you're thinking of her? Maybe a little gift, just a little something special that says "I love you"? Or maybe a little chocolate? You could take her somewhere special, or just down to the beach, or to a park. It really depends on what your Lady likes to do. You love her, now's the time to show her. And remember, you're not trying to prove that you love her, you're showing her that she is special. Not because you want anything from her, but because she makes you feel incredibly special. This woman who has chosen to spend her time with you. I hope you spend some of your time making your woman feel special. Or, if you're a lady, making your man feel special.
This is a pic from one of my favorite movies.
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