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disclaimer: everything on these pages are my personal views.
for entertainment purpose only.
yes, I believe what I have written.
my 'job' is to believe and learn, not to convert others.

updated 05/15/2008
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  • To start off with, I would like to thank Mr. Brent Tully, for his fine and informative article on how big the universe is. He has two links on this page, and I'm proud to include them, but this in no way infers his endorsement. I have also included links to Fact Monster, which is informative on a number of subjects. These views are mine. So please do not think either of these fine sites endorse me. They don't and I've not asked them too. Also, my 'job' here is to believe and learn, not convert anyone to my way of thinking. You are entitled to your opinions the same as I am.

    With that said, here are my thoughts on this subject. First of all, I can see that we are all connected. Even that everything in the universe is connected. But, I couldn't see how. I am in the habit of talking to the universe, the gods, and other things as well. (If this makes me crazy, so what?) As if you don't say something to whatever once in a while. So, I'm thinking to myself, I can see this, but the how of it isn't coming into view. Then I remembered something I had read in the Bible. It was being explained how the church is a body of people with each being a part. One was the leg, one the foot, etc., but with them all making up the whole. On a larger scale, this is how it works with the universe. The planets, the solar system, stars, all of the flora and fauna, the people...everything.We're all connected. I can see the "god/goddess" inside each person, but I still also see the way people act. I hate the way people act. We should all know better, we should all do better. We don't. This is so sad, because we can be so much better. I am an empath, because of this, I feel what others are feeling. I think I also have a connection with the earth, because I have migraines when there is to be an earthquake with loss of life. We all have a connection with the earth, but we don't all feel it the same. Some don't even acknowledge it. This is sad. Even if you believe you came from another solar system or plane of existence, while you live here you are an earthling. Speaking of earthlings, we are all spirits learning what it's like to live as a human.

    I see the universe as a woman waiting and looking for her mate. When they do meet, she will give birth to baby universes. I don't know if there is any scientific precedence for this thought, but I like it. Perhaps I'm just a romanticist. I'm also an idealist. It makes a nice pic in my mind, tho. It is what I feel to be true.