the Art of Web Design

updated 05/15/2008
If you want to create your own web pages, there are many places to get help. Truly, these people make learning enjoyable. The Maricopa tutorials are awesome! I even learned a little bit about volcanoes. How cool is that?
I haven't taken the time much about the art of web page design. I certainly wouldn't call myself a professional, but I've learned enough to know that I like doing this. If you really want to have complete control over how your pages look, then hard code them using Alleycode. You can use any html editor you want, but that one is my personal favorite. There are many interesting tutorials out there. If you are interested in learning about webdesign, follow the links. There are others I haven't listed. Google, or any search engine will provide plenty of leads for you to follow. I have listed some of my favorites.
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    learn to code in html while learning about volcanos!
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